May 9, 2017
By madelyn121002 BRONZE, Bartlett, Illinois
madelyn121002 BRONZE, Bartlett, Illinois
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There once was a time
When we were the same
We stood together
Through flood and through flame

But we grew too greedy
We wanted much more
So we drew the lines
That started a war

And when it ended
We could not go back
So we kept our lines
That caused us to crack

And here we are now
With our lines that divide
Does nobody think
We had too much pride?

They separate us
They hold us back
So I spoke my mind
I decided to act

And when I told them
That I wasn’t fine
That I hated their rules
They said I stepped out of line

See what they’ve done?
Look where they got us
Look what we’ve become

Take back the lines
And let us restart
Take them all back
They tore us apart

Let’s wipe the slate clean
And draw no more lines
No more of the thing
That splits and confines

And maybe then
We’ll finally see
We must stand together
If we are to succeed

The author's comments:

This poem is mostly trying to say that we need to realize we are all the same inside. We can't divide upon ourselves if we want to survive.

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