Growing Old

March 19, 2009
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As a young girl I knew nothing of the world.
I was terrified of the future and nervous to grow up.
Learning to walk, I explored the house.
Learning to talk, I expanded my vocabulary.
Moving to a new town was frightening,
But I learned to cope as time went on.
A new town, new school, new people.
Scared as I walked in the door,
Confident when I walked out.
This routine continued until college graduation.
By then I was on my own.
No parents to life off of, no mothers shoulder to cry on.
I was alone, but was I really?
I had friends and my parents were close by.
Giving me freedom while being by my side.
Growing older I learned of new things,
Traveling to new places, and meeting new faces.
Skydiving and rock climbing were things I always wanted to try,
I’m glad that I did or I would have felt deprived.

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