Hey, You, Listen...

March 18, 2009
By Patrick Lee BRONZE, Rancho Cucamonga, California
Patrick Lee BRONZE, Rancho Cucamonga, California
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Times like a machine
Minutes make up the seams
Hours make up the beams
And people make up the dreams
And here's the frame of history like the way it should be
People fighting as soldiers on the front line
Let me show you the fine line
Between swearing your loyalties to your countries
And going nationwide for global peace
I want a piece of that
So sir let me get my coat and hat
Get a piece of paper and stick that to a stick that
Represents unity in the grand worldwide community
And I know you might be thinking
We're protesters on the brink
But let me tell you be calm
There won't be a maelstrom or a hail storm
So press your palm against mine
We'll be fine
So let's shine the torch of liberty for those who are still afraid and fade away
To wade into a day of drowning waters that press down the sons and daughters
Let this generation generate a nation freed of the poverties and miseries
Of the third world order
Let there be no racial border
Not Black, Not White, Not Yellow
Because we all have the same blood running through our veins
And let it the rain the tears of Fear
Because it no longer has a grasp on our world that swirls as long as its malleability isn't affected by fatality
And now as it dissolves, we evolve, and the world continues to revolve
As we set the stage for a whole new age
A grand new time with no vulgarities and crime
No need for subliminal messages pointing in the correct direction
There shall be only love and affection
Let's no longer drink from the chalice of crimson malice
No longer crescive in crisis but impressive in extending in our economy
Defending our autonomy, moving on in theology, ending senseless cacophony
Fascism and Socialism has vanished, ceased, decreased, deceased, increased into the perfect form of government
No need for cruel and unusual punishment
The torrent of torture has become torpent
It is the tercentary of the passing of mortality of the vile serpents
The Seven Deadly Sins
Sloth, Envy, Pride, Lust, Gluttony, Wrath, and Greed
These shall no longer lead
The feelings of the people
We have conquered the steep hill
Flew over the mountains
Sailed the seven seas including the Dead Sea
And walked through the Valley of Death holding onto our last breath
We'll lean with it and then we'll rock with it
Move with the flow of the world and stand up against the horrors to come
And then drop it like it's hot as a fallen sun
And here they come, the daughters and sons ready to overcome all the walls
We shall not fall to the acts of terror
But instead mirror the good of charity, generosity
To end the curiosity of immoral pleasure
Indulging the pressure of adultery
Prepare yourself for mockery
Build up the steel wall and prepare for jeers, fears, peer pressure
Losing yourself amongst the plot of rotting futures
Don't suture your body to 'The Wave'
And begin to crave like the NSDAP AKA Nazis
So be brave even though you may be alone, you are not alone
Rise up you individuals with the passion
Don't let this pass on
Think of all the miracles we can achieve
Like Doctor Martin Luther King Junior
Even if you're just a junior in high school or possibly younger
Doesn't mean you have to wait longer
To have the means to achieve
Just believe
Don't fall back from the attack of the blues
Ever repressing to make it inopportune
Saying it's too soon or it's too late
Forget that, simply people that can't appreciate
Change even if it's good
Burning time as they're burning wood just to see the flames of hope smoke out
No doubt
An instillation of instimulation of 'good acts' is becoming fact
Too many 'willing' but too little doing the actual thing
Show you the difference between saying and doing
Seeing and performing
Because I see words past lips but hands not even twitching
Why not switch it around
Think outside of the box
Break new bounds
Sly as a fox
Why stick to the crowd
Be loud, be proud
Show the difference between you and them
Rhythm of the soul
And the soles of the feet
Not taking defeat
Changing the title of rivals, enemies, nemeses
Into friends, companions, brothers and sisters
Pass this line of hate, fate, and destiny
Blood spill, spilt milk, burning tears
Suicide, genocide, murder
Don't go down this path any further
Let love and reason embrace and caress
So that there will be no need to weep over unrest
Fess your stress
To be free and accompany
This company
So we may take the night flight in daylight
May this passing give the sight
To those who blindly cover their already unseeing eyes
Happily running off cliffs to their demise
''Don't faze out
Because you'll be in a daze, amazed at what you can do
Doing things you never knew were possible
In hospitals, churches, offices, moving through all the crevices
And cracks in this wall we call the world, filling them up with reason
With the powers of the daughters and sons
Love and justice overcome the hate and distrust
Selling out friends and family will no longer have to be
Needed for your own survival due to a revival
Of freed men freed of chains of pain
No need to simply gain, gain, and gain some more
From breaking down other people's doors
Their hopes and dreams that seem to pass away
That day when all is broken down
No, let us put on the crown onto all of us
No longer shall it be that some people are more equal than others but that
We all are equal in all rights
So here I am with my pen and paper as I continue to write

The author's comments:
I saw a poster of National Poetry Month saying "Do I dare the disturb the universe?". I thought, "Let's dare it."

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Savanna L. said...
on Apr. 30 2009 at 1:02 am
Lol :)

Its Savvy Pat :D

And i just adoreee ALL yur poemss.(:

writinglovr said...
on Apr. 3 2009 at 12:25 am
This was beautful and amazingly written. It's so different from anything thats out there and I love it!

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