Coming to a Divorce

March 18, 2009
By JessikaJade GOLD, Miami, Florida
JessikaJade GOLD, Miami, Florida
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The fighting, and the crying,
The yelling and leaving everyday.
It needs to end.
One year has gone by, two years, nothings getting better.
Three years, four years, five years, nothing has changed.
There's no family time, there's never any laughs or smiles.
It needs to end.
Putting your anger and frustration on me when you're stressed
Not noticing im stressed out too.
It does help.
If the weather went by your pain and heartache,
It would be thunderstorms more than ever.
It needs to end.
If we are not living in harmony,
Then we are causing more damage than we are good.
A home, a family. Why can't we live like that?
We shouldn't go on like we are jus people who live together.
Do you see how much this affects our home?
It shouldn't be this way.
It needs to end.
It's no secret.
Everyone can see it.
We all know the feelings aren't there anymore.
We all see how the caring is jus fading.
We all know where it is headed.
It needs to end.
Who would have thought a relationship between two
Would affect so many,
You can say it's not my business, everything is just fine, don't worry.
But I can see through your words and read the emotions you're giving instead.
Words don't mean anything when I can feel what you're going through.
The agony, the misery. I know you're hurt
It needs to stop.
I mean there was those good times too that we've had.
Like when we went to'. Oh wait no.
You guys argued so we came home.
But there was last year on Christmas when we went to eat & movies.
Oh wait no, you guys fought then too.
Oh, but new years was fun, oh wait no, that was the worse fight I've seen yet.
Only the sad times are coming back.
Why can't I remember the good times?
Im sure we had some. I know we had some.
My memory is failing me,
Must be because the sadness is overcoming me.
It needs to end.
All I can think now
is that the love that was once present
is nothing but a dimming candle
soon to be blown out in the wind.
It needs to end.

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