May 2, 2017
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We all have the liberty of the constitution in our hands
We do
But is it always so easy to be used?

We are a democracy, but we still obey a higher caste
It’s the way of humanity
So why in the world are we acting like it’s a monarchy?
Each and every one of us, has done a simple act...that if you think about it, is a lot like slavery.

No i’m not talking about foreign slaves, or African american slaves.
Thats the known stuff and has been nearly eradicated in our country.
But what is in our lives everyday, that we overlook and do not save
We stand around, oblivious, as if we were sentry.

its as if, we didn’t have our rights at all.

How many times have your teachers,parents,coaches,even president tell you to do something?
Imagine you bucked them.

The parent would call you disrespectful, because either you’re underage, or your supposed to respect them anyway
The teacher would call you disrespectful, because you’re there to learn, not to speak your mind.
The coach would call you disrespectful, because you’re there to work, and not speak your mind.
The president would call you disrespectful, because he takes care of you and protects you.

But, is that right?

Who are they, to take away your speech, your will?
Who are they to ignore the fact that you choose to obey them?
"Well i’m the president,i’m the coach,i’m your parent, i’m your teacher"
Yes you are, but more importantly, you are just a human.

Try and respect me for once, and i may respect you.
If i don’t, then you can declare.
But never assume i will listen to you, through and through.
Because in my eyes, the rules for each of us are the same, fair.

Now many say "You can’t disobey, it's the law."
But we all know there are exceptions to each rule
We all sit back, about wanting to be that exception, we jaw.
But is that unreachable exception really there, to tease and be cruel?

Ever wonder why it's there?
It's because we can never take for granted what we know.
For each situation that is cursed with a problem of law to swear.
We are given the opportunity to look beyond ourselves to grow, and fix our woe.

but no.

Because we were raised all these years again and again that the law is the law.
We have limited understanding of individuality.
So when one strong willed person comes along, they are seen to be made of flaws.
It has gotten to the point to where it becomes a matter of legality.

Please, you have to hear, that you haven’t the right!
To declare upon anyone a command, despite your caste or rank!
We will fall, if we fight each other about this, kill each other out of spite!
For not doing as us, as they, as me and you are told, yes for that you have to thank!

So next time, don’t think too highly of yourself, to throw out a "thank you"
Because we all make the choice to obey you.
All we ask is for you to ask.
And never see yourself as the king and us the horse, because we all seek our liberty true.

Through and through.

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