Quality of Joy

May 1, 2017

Joy is a girl who loves everything and everyone. She has very soft facial features and wears many different types of bright colors. You can always find her trying to lift others’ spirits. Joy enjoys finding the positive in everyone. She works for Delight as a agent. Joy goes around and tries to keep Depression and Misery from bringing other people down with her partners Comfort and Happiness. She looks up to Positive as her role model because he is the one who taught her how to spread her knowledge.

      Joy is always around, but some can never find her. Joy can be found in service, good deeds, and family but is masked by Sorrow who is very large of stature. Others go to Sorrow because of how enticingly she pulls them in. Joy’s goal is to help keep Sorrow away and to lift up those who have been demolished by her. Joy lifts others by showing them the bright side of things.

     Joy’s favorite thing is to help people see the beauty of life. She shows them little things we take for granted like the first bud of spring, the freshness of cool crisp air, each grain of sand that becomes a sea of golden waves when brought together, and the fall of snow with each of its unique snowflakes. She also opens their eyes to the sunsets, the roar of the ocean, majestic mountains, the misty colorful wonder of a rainbow, and the way the glowing moon lights the way in the impending darkness of night. She says that there is a beauty inside yourself, the way your eyes show the emotion you feel and the way your physical appearance doesn't dictate who you are.

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