March 17, 2009
By Ariel Benites SILVER, San Antonio, Texas
Ariel Benites SILVER, San Antonio, Texas
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I can't believe you did this,
Why did you have to lie?
I can't trust you anymore,
All I can do is cry.

I can't believe you kissed her,
Why did you let her lips touch your sweet face?
She turned it into uglyiness,
Now I can't help but to turn away with disgrace.

I can't believe you hurt me,
And broke my heart in two,
Now all we had is ruined,
And I don't know what to do.

I can't believe I caught you,
I thought you were the Perfect guy,
But I was blinded by Love,
And now the tears I have to dry.

I can't believe this happened,
I don't deserve such pain,
It has to be a nightmare,
I must be going insane.

I can't believe I trusted you,
I stayed True when times were rough,
I gave you All of Me,
But I guess it wasn't enough.

I can't believe you broke your Promise,
Did it mean Nothing at All?
Would "the One" hurt me so much?
Would he Really let me fall?

I can't believe in you anymore,
My trust I cannot give,
I wish it could be the same,
Because without You I can't Live.

I can't believe the other people,
It's with You where I will stay,
Because even if you hurt me,
I still Need You here Each day.

I can't let this stop our Love,
So I'll give you a second try,
A third I will not give however,
But I know my tears will dry.

I can't believe the rumors,
I must follow my Heart,
It's with you I will Stay Forever,
I won't let Our Love fall apart.

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