Ladies and Gentleman

March 17, 2009
By Kegan Helsel BRONZE, Burton, Michigan
Kegan Helsel BRONZE, Burton, Michigan
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Ladies and gentleman,
rise out of your seats.
We're walking through hell,
they call this hell the streets.

We are the secret soldiers,
battling in our own fights.
that take place when your sleeping,
those cold and nightmare nights.

Here it don't matter,
what you have and haven't done.
Both Presidents and polishers,
can be killed with a gun.

You shouldn't close your eyes,
or even turn your back.
And sometimes you just get stabbed,
because your skin is black.

And the dusty dark roads,
that reek of rough and rape,
Know once you hit the streets,
you will never escape.

The murky foggy fumes,
that cause you all to choke.
cloakreminents of blood,
and white grains of coke.

We try to fight for peace,
to find fresh air above,
but someone sucked this place,
sucked this place of love.

I hear you say, "These people,
they creep, stride and roam.
If the streets are so bad
why don't they just go home?"

All the pain from the streets,
just takes place behind closed doors.
The boys turn into drug dealers,
and the girls turn into whores.

And when we cry out for help,
government will say we're "bored",
have you ever heard of soldiers,
who got bored when fighting wars?

So take your safe beds,
and politicians stupid lie.
We are a band of brothers,
and you left us to die.

So ladies and all the gentlemen,
return back to your seats.Try
not to scowl upon the next man
standing in the streets

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Sunshineyday said...
on Aug. 5 2009 at 9:12 pm
I read 2 of your poems and so far I LOVE YOUR WORK! I expecially like the ladies and gentlemen thing, like you are talking to a crowd of people. You should definitely keep up the good work!

5 stars! Keep up the good work!

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