March 17, 2009
By stylinsista07 BRONZE, St.George, Utah
stylinsista07 BRONZE, St.George, Utah
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She sits in class
With her perfect hair and the most coolest clothes
All the guys want her
All the girls want to be her
Little do they know
What's beneath the makeup
That is now caked on her face
No one knows
What she is thinking
She is sitting there trying
Trying to hold back tears
While thinking about her drunken father
That came home late last night
And collapsed on the couch
She is thinking about............
Her mother small and fragile
Too afraid to say a word
she is thinking about her friends
She has so many
But none could hold a secret this big
Little does she know what they say
When she's not there
And there she sits at her desk
Hiding her tears behind her blue eyes,perfect hair and cool clothes
The ones that make
All the guys want her
And all the girls want to be her
Her life is no different from any others
She has her problems
And I have mine
She is just better at hiding it
so there she sits at her desk
With the world on her shoulders
No one hears her silent cries

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