November 18, 2008
By Anonymous

Cats are the peacefulness of the world
They sit on top of old cars
Parked in the dirt parking lot beside the barn
Cats love to pretend that they are on the top of the world
They jump onto your bed right as you wake up
And snuggle down to the bottom of your blankets
To keep your feet warm
They are the colors of nature;
Orange for the sun, black for the night, white for the clouds,
Calico for the ground on the first day of March
Cats and bells go together
I once tied a bell to the end of my braid and
Let it dangle off the edge of my bed
The cat pounced and caught my braid,
Put I pulled it away before it got ripped off
Cats hunt
As they pounce, leap, stalk, and run
The cats think to themselves
“You are my dinner. I will not let you escape”
There is a fierceness in cats that I do not understand
They purr and meow softly,
Yet if you touch them in the wrong way they will attack
They are cats
What else would they do?

The author's comments:
Cats are my life! I love reading and animals and Chinese food!

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