Fly Away

November 17, 2008
By Anonymous

Acting on an impulse
She grabs the razor blade
Raises her arm
And brings it down
Steel on skin
The blood pulses
Out of her wrists
Red drops fall
On the cold floor
She looks in the mirror
And slides her wrist over it
Making a heart
She dips her finger
Im a pool of her own blood
She writes LOVE
She drops the razor
It falls to the ground
She turns and runs
She leaves her empty house behind
And just runs
To feel free
To feel alive
To feel the wind on her face
A trail of red
Follows on the ground
Behind her
Making her last mark
She runs faster
Until she can't feel her feet
Hitting the hard ground
She doesn't look back
She doesn't think ahead
Her mind is her prison
She just wants to escape
To fly away
No goodbyes
Nothing holding her back
Or tying her down
As her wrists still bleed
She falls to the ground
Laying in her own blood
Her spirit leaves
Her crumpled body
And finally she's flying
Above the clouds
Higher than she had ever imagined
And at long last
She is free

The author's comments:
My inspiration for this poem was my friend, who is depressed and cuts himself. I was also inspired by the organization To Write Love On Her Arms, which helps people with depression.

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