I am my grandpa.

April 18, 2017
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My Grandpa was always willing to put himself on the line to help others always with that half-smile smirk of his. He could read people like a book and always knew when something was up. My grandma always tells me “you have the Earl look down to an art.”

I can always tell when my friends or family are having an off day-I know when to give them space or when they want to talk. My Grandpa taught me a universal gesture of friendship and care; it may seem simple but a hug is a beautiful thing. Our greatest similarity though was our ability to love.

At the time I learned this it seemed too late. He was struggling to get words out but from all the mumbles I understood he wanted a hug. He was a friend to all no matter what they looked like or what they believed. He taught me to wear my emotions on my sleeve. He taught me that crying can be good and that if anyone ever needed help...you can give them a hug.

Before my dad's surgery I had never seen him cry but I remembered my Grandpa’s lesson and gave him a hug. If I could be half the man my Grandpa was I know I’m doing something right. So to hear the words, “You are just like Earl,” made me start to cry.

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