We Were Family

April 16, 2017
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Our love bends time and space.
It's an intangible light
That wraps around years and squeezes away
The distance between us. Encompassing
Warmth and embodying hope, this love
Is all that remains of our family.

We were not a traditional family.
We had been vagabonds traveling space,
Searching for something in place of love.
Each of us glowed with an inner light;
A voice that would grow encompassing
As the months and years drained away.

Life moved fast; it carried us away
Into fate we were led... we became family.
A friendship all encompassing,
For years we conquered time and space.
We were each other's light.
We were stars and our fire was love.

But an unsteady fire proved love,
Its blaze swiftly burning away.
Time had come to extinguish our light,
To end what began our family.
For all that we had traveled, there wasn't space
Enough for a friendship all encompassing.

Survival became the all encompassing
Drive; to stay afloat amidst growing pains. Love
Was squandered and home a shrinking space.
We grew apart and we moved away,
One by one our family
Found dead and buried by morning light.

We hardened in the sun light,
As all creatures do when age is encompassing.
Yet time has found memories of family
Still swollen with love,
A feeling so potent and whole, it whisks away
The emptiness of traveling time and space.

Our love is light that bends time and space,
Encompassing hope after all that's gone away.
Our family will live on in the memory of love.

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