A recipe for sisters

April 7, 2017


A bucket full of laughter
A scoop amount of advice
A mountain of trust
A sprinkle of keeping secrets
A heaping amount of teamwork
A handful of fighting
A Lifetime of lasting memories 
And a truckload of love

-First, take the bucket full of laughter and add a scoop of of advice.
-Mix until chunks are gone.
-Next, in a separate bowl use a mountain of trust and add a sprinkle of secret keepings.
-Now, in that same bowl add a heaping amount of teamwork.
-Stir for about 5 minutes while adding a handful of fighting.
-Combine both bowls together and continue to stir.
-While stirring add a lifetime of lasting memories and a truckload of love. 
-Once all chunks are gone pore into a baking pan.
-Bake at 450 for 3o minutes.

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