I am a dolphin

April 7, 2017

I am social,

engaging myself too relate with society.
Social, that is me.

living in pods of up to a dozen and putting a smile on a childs face.
Dolphins, similar to me.

I am courageous,
undertaking new risks, ideas, and experiences.
Adventours, that is me. 

Traveling 16 hours a day, dedicated to the secrecy of the ocean.
Dolphins, similar to me.

I am caring,
considering others too often before myself.
Caring, that is me.

helping drowning sailors, rescuing people from sharks, and guides through treacherous waters.
Dolphins, similar to me.

I am happy,
Starting each day with a grateful heart.
Happy, that is me. 

good-humored healthy fun is a primary purpose.
Dolphins, similar to me.

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