April 7, 2017

Everybody in my family has different hues. Colors shining like gems. Topaz, Diamond, and Emerald. My sister's eyes are brown, like warm chestnuts, similar to my father's. Brown...brown...brown hues are dark, mysterious, and sorrel. 
My brother’s eyes are blue, like the Indian ocean, similar to my mother’s. Blue… hues are pleasant, calming, and sparkling.
And me, my eyes are green, like a lush jungle, not similar to either of my parents but just in between. hues are youthful, flourishing, and supple.
Eyes are more than just an iris matched hand in hand with a pupil. They do more than give and take in light. They are living. They make one fall in a trance by looking into them. Making their own stories. Seeing the world differently than anyone else.
My mother and father's eyes view the earth wiser and more complicated than children do. Me and my siblings eyes are young searching for excitement and adventure.

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