A Reason

April 4, 2017
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The dream of a perfect family,
The want of the honor to have fought in a war,
The need to have somebody in your life.
All you want is honor.
A reason to be here.
You are slowly fading anyway, a ghost of what you used to be.
Days flash by, blurring together.
You feel lost in conversations, everyone speaking over you.
People can’t see that you are drowning.
You try to scream for help.
Pray that someone gives you a reason to stay.
There is nothing now.
The only thing that you can see now is a black void,
You curl up into yourself and hide from the world.
You cannot control the monsters inside anymore, they are too strong.
You need a reason to stay.
You are so desperate for a reason to stay.
After no response, you realize.
That the only person who can save you is yourself.
But the time has passed, it’s too late now.

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