the perfect girl

April 4, 2017
By , pleasant hill, MO

When I was born my eyes were not perfect my teeth where not either and my hair was a mess. My mom told me that I got it from my dad that he was the only explanation for the features I hated about my self. But she told me that it would get better as I got older, I would find a women to clean me up. I asked her what did this women look like? She told me that she would have long strait blond hair, her eyes would glistened with joy he teeth would look as shiny pearls. But I asked for her name over and over again but my mom could not say, all she said to me was that I would know when I found her. Years went by my hair was still a mess my eyes still not perfect and my teeth were not much better. I was ten I said to my mom I still haven’t found her yet, when would she appear? She told me she had no idea she just said she would when I needed her the most. I could only think in my head what if I never could find her ,what if I was all alone? That sentence went through my head at night so many times I was so afraid I would be alone forever. At the age of fourteen I hated almost everything about my self the middle school dance came and I had no one. I didn’t dare ask my mom why I couldn’t find her because I knew it was never going to happen. At the age of fifteen it was over I did not care about what people thought of me I knew I was set to be alone if I wasn’t then why haven’t I found her by now why did god not love me? I believed in him I trusted that he would bring me the women that my mom talked about when I was little I didn’t care anymore he has done nothing for me I got my own job I got everything on my own but the women of my dreams. But then one day at the age of seventeen my friend Steven had a girl come to our work. I was so blind to love that I didn’t ever recognize the girl of my dreams. I never knew love or what she was, all I knew is that I was told I would know when I saw her. She gave me her number and told me to message her I had no idea what to say could she be the one? She looked nothing like my mother described her teeth were not perfect her hair was not strait and her eyes did not glisten with joy they glistened with pain. A month went by and I finally asked, will you date me? I never thought I would have to say those words I have never actually asked anyone out I just thought we were together if we both liked each other. Right then in there I knew she was the one I knew that love has never looked so perfect her teeth were perfect her hair was perfect her eyes were not glistening with pain anymore it was love. She loved me I could not believe it I could not understand that anyone would ever love me but my mom. But she proved me wrong she was everything I have ever dreamed, a year and exactly two months and twenty-one days has gone by and I still get butterfly’s in my stomach when I see her. Now it is Saturday my senior year of high school exactly one day after I wrote this poem and I asked the perfect girl the one question that I knew would light up her smile with joy as soon as I said those words, will you  go to prom with me and she said _ _ _.

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