March 31, 2017
By Mellire BRONZE, Male\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' City, Other
Mellire BRONZE, Male\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' City, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"But if thou live remembered not to be,
Die single and thine image dies with thee." - William Shakespeare.

The thought bugging every one living.
The horror that flashes on every demeanor.
Its the middle table in an over crowded restaurant.
It is the shaky faith of a fully blind woman.
It is the lengthy hours of well deserved detention.
It is the silence that keeps stretching on and beyond.
Each pair of eyes try to look into the future which can never be promised.
Rudeness? No.
Rudeness overrides your senses.
The it referred to has no senses to be overridden. 
You are just a mere nothing after.
You are a body thats fulfilled its journey.
Reached the destination.
It is the unpacked luggage that needs to be repacked.
A fine line between end and the beginning.
A thin lining thats difficult to cross.
Youve tried and ive tried but all we end up doing is burning ourselves.
Blowing our heads up in flames.
Angst? No.
Angst destroys the aspects.
It does not have any aspects to be destroyed.
Once done cannot be repaired.
Once passed cannot be regained.
Facts are changed, statements are meaningless.
Words are useless but yet said.
Over and over.
Wealth is priceless.
No use to you now.
You cannot buy and neither can you sell.
You have no say and don't have actions.
Movements are long given up on.
Faith is stomped and stomped on.
Do you believe it'll come get you?
Of course you do.
It comes to get everyone.
Poor or rich.
Literate or illiterate.
Named or unnamed.
Good or bad.
A monster? No.
Its the reality of your being.
Its your death.
One cell dies to let the other live and thrive.
One human dies to let the other survive.
One plant dies to let the other synthesize.
You cannot beat death.
You cannot cheat it.
You are his and his you shall be.
If life is your forever it is the day after.
It is followed by your forever and it will never end.
It is the end and the end never ends.
And then it says,
'Mine you are and mine you shall remain.'

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