A Day Without Immigrants

March 30, 2017
By , Menlo Park, CA

The day without immigrants was tomorrow. It was a boycott when immigrants decided not to buy stuff, not go to school, not open their business, and protest. Immigrants did this so Trump our president would find out how it would be without immigrants for a day. I was imagining it being lonely as if a poor kid without parents was on the street. Also, I was imagining no bomb mexican food. So it all started when I was home in my living room watching “The Arrow” on my TV and my mom told me she got a text saying, “Your son Juan has to go to school or the school Garfield will lose money.” I was surprised because I didn’t know the school got money for us being there. I told my mom, “La escuela agarra dinero cuando vamos?” My mom then said, “Yo no se?” So I went to school the next day knowing it was a day without immigrants and there was barely people, so I was surprised because the school is big and there was supposed to be a lot of people. When the bell rang at 8:10, the people that were at school lined up and went to their classes. As soon as I walked in my class, I noticed that half the class was missing and then I remembered my mom told me, “Debes que ir a la escuela o van a perder 50 dolares.” So I felt like it was unfair to me because my mom didn’t tell me that I could have stayed home. Also, my friends Chris, Treysi, Jose, and Leslie went to the office because they said, “It is unfair that some people stayed home.” When they came back to Taylor’s class, my teacher from first period. Ms. Griffith our principal came after them and she had a conversation with the class saying that all you had to do if you wanted to stay home was at least come for the attendance so we could get the money. I was mad because I wanted to participate in the protest. At the end of the day, I waited in the front of the school until my mom picked me up with her car. When she arrived at the school, I told her, “Porque no me dijiste que nos pudimos quedar?” My mom's response was, “Yo no sabia.” I told my mom, “Porque no leiste el mensaje bien.” After this she said, “Porque no se ingles.” For the rest of the day, I was mad at my mom that my face was red of anger. After all, I didn’t get to be part of the day without immigrants.

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