March 30, 2017

Beauty feels like a soft mist lying itself upon your skin or the tickled touch a butterfly leaves traveling through your entire body.

When beauty is seen it is almost as of your eyes have been paralyzed so that the only thing you can look at is that one single object. You want to capture it and place it into your mind so you may look at it forever.

You cannot touch beauty, mold beauty or change beauty. You can only see or imagine beauty.

It is the first time a mother holds her child, it is when you look into somebody’s eyes for the first time and fall completely in love; it is the change of colors in the planet as each season flies by.

Beauty feels like scraping each layer of skin off one by one, or the sweaty bareness of wearing a sock with one single hole in it.

Some people get carried away with beauty or take advantage of the beauty they have. Now a day’s life has become a bloody battle for the desire to present beauty. They lose sight and become blind to what real beauty is.

People begin to try to touch beauty, mold beauty or change beauty. They get distracted and never truly take in the beauty everything holds.
Beauty is not pouring thick liquid foundation over your face to cover each imperfection, it is not having the skinniest stomach, it is not being the best dressed.

To be able to see real beauty you must be able to see the natural beauty in yourself first.

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