March 30, 2017
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The number of times people have
called me quiet is out of the roof.
People think i’m quiet because i don’t
talk a lot in school.

usually when people hangout with me outside
of school their surprised how much i talk, sometimes
i talk too much to the point that they want me to shut up.

School is prison im locked in every monday through friday for
7 hours each day i think in my head if i
do my work the time passes and then im set free.

The number of times ive been called tired in
school is unreal, every single day i get called
tired at least once everyday even when im not tired i just look tired because
School just sucks the energy out of me when i walk into the building
Im not tired but im in prisoner mode im ready to do my time and work.

Like i said school is a prison if you do your time it will go by faster.
When im outside of school im bouncing off the walls talking a lot have fun.

The number of times ive been called these things is out of this world, well next time you see me you might want to talk to me after school because you’ll have a higher chance of a conversation.
Remember school is a prison if you do your work you’ll be set free.


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