Not Invisible

March 17, 2009
By JKace GOLD, South Amboy, New Jersey
JKace GOLD, South Amboy, New Jersey
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You never heard a word that I said
Always talked for me
And wondered why I always fled
I needed to leave
So someone could see
That I was not invisible

You thought it was proper for me to stay quiet
Where ever we went
You didn't want me to create a riot
But that left a heart with a dent
I had to go vent
That I was not invisible

If you just let me have a say
And been a bit more kind
Then maybe I wouldn't have to stay
Deaf and blind
To the one who didn't let me speak my mind
That I was not invisible

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freckles said...
on Mar. 31 2009 at 1:29 am
wow its amazing !! i love your poem is is so meaningful ugh i wish i could write like you!!! here's mine D:

written about teasing

age 13

I feel

Like a seed in dry dirt

Struggling to grow

but drowned by hurt

Striving to grow

But how I’ll never know

Sun beaming down

Cooking me dry

Closer for my time to die

Crushed with pressure

Full of thirst

To the point of burst

World seems so cruel and hot

See it for everything its not

Slowly cracking by

All the forces of nature attacking

Not so low yet not so high

World revolving around

Me as the days go by

Unprotected and uncontrolled

My leaves all black and rolled

Small little seed

Overcome by mold

What once was gold

Is now said, set, and sold.

I feel

part 2 - written when 14

Once a seed who tried to bloom

Soiled by the drought of care, filled with doom

Slowly reaching, growing leaves, ….. Part of me

Gaining my true colors, what I wanted to be

Dodging all of the thunder

How I’ve come so far,….I wonder

Blooming, against all odds

Defying all of the negatives, they are my acid rain, pouring down again

I grew from what they drowned me in

The hate, The tears

Stretching past my fears

And I thrived and flourished by the sun, my colors blend

Roots held strong and never let go

As the storm winds, continued to blow

And after it is all over..

I am the glistening rose....

In a field of gray clover..

Reaching out towards the light

Closer and closer

Following my future, in sight,

I’ve grown

on Mar. 30 2009 at 11:23 pm
WHOiNEED2B BRONZE, Tigerton, Wisconsin
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This was great. I totally know how it feels to be invisible. I love this poem so much.

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