Panorama Dreamscape

March 17, 2009
By sminor09 PLATINUM, Garden, Michigan
sminor09 PLATINUM, Garden, Michigan
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The dream began in simple solitude
Alone on the dreamscape within a moon beam
Never ending, forever shining
Its light barely sparks the touch of reality
But in the night of dark and silent
It induces burning flames of inspiration
To awake in the night with a burning intuition
To look to the sky and the beauty it belies
There is horror out there, but of which you have the choice to be ignorant
But in the midst of the dreamscape your fears are clearly shown
And all the worries that are undesired and disowned
To not know the fanatical landscape in which your window views
But feel the drag of the panorama canvas dragging at your intermittent thoughts
Walk the dreamscape, it is a continual path of fear and hope
And all the beauteous things life pertains, and those that are not seen
The dreamscape paints a picture through conception of the world the mind's eye truly sees
A conduit traveled in tranquility and rest,
But of which is plagued by terrors uncontrolled
A nightmare of itself, of which we cannot deceive
Awaken at last we can perceive fragile reality
The dawn is near and the sun reveals the truths veiled by the night
The shadows fade away and the dreamscape crumbles with insight
Of all the things we see when we live in careful alertness
None withstand the integrity and honesty of those we view when we dream.

The author's comments:
Our dreams are our subnconcious thoughts, therefore, everything we dream comes from within us. Our dreams are our thoughts. They are what worries us, they are our ambitions and our fears.

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