Radio Static

March 28, 2017
By , Louisville, KY

I remember lying on stiff black leather

Cool enough to give me goosebumps and cold chills

Seat belt clips occasionally jolting my side

Struggling to position myself adequately

Listening to the scarce sound of passing cars

And a static baseball game on the radio

Incapable of making out most of the words

But not necessarily trying to

Eyes tired but not quite sleepy

Eyelids drooping but not heavy enough to close

Ogling at the once velvety floor mat

Now ridden with crumpled brown leaves and crumbs from things long forgotten

Thick cornfields and stars bright and abundant enough to light up the entire sky

Abandoned buildings never explored

But somehow familiar enough to press a heavy nostalgia on my chest
That no words will ever quite be able to perfectly explain

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