A Smelly Sneeze

March 27, 2017
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Fragments of white in a figment of pitch black imagination.
Would you mind if I distanced myself willingly?
I wont be held responsible in anyway.
Unaccountable and unaware of the sorrow my decisions might've possibly embarked you upon.
Feverish and writhing my mind weeps for the escape its denied.
Over and over.
By the healer, by the helper.
By the world on these abrasions that still fester.
In this pretense of a well managed system.
Approaching Hand-and-foot like Hand-in-Glove.
But you still hope that I said "Handing Love"
Desperation overtakes the senses.
Impairs your listening.
Blinds you effectively.
Screwing your mind deceptively.
With you off in Nadaland, delivering speeches of thee great stupefaction
Your dignity is being stomped on by a berserk la-dee-da.
Disdainful, and pitiless.
And yet you manage to endeavor scouring yourself.
Cleaning your mind of the flak.
Repairing the misbehaving vim.
Re-attaching the fallen orders.
Well listened but hardly executed.
Revisited but never Accepted.
Denial and Prohibition being your consecution.
Preparing my words to follow suit.
Of whose?
You'd question.
Of the brain.
I'd Answer.
You chase your sanity, A cause I might just be subsequent to 
A bit of clarity, carved from clay and craved not seldom.
The awaiting and irredeemable calamity at the brink of anarchy.
Although, Behold the sardonic-ism.
No Sanity existed.
Neither did my Clarity.
But calamity lived in the heart of the great Chaos.
Ancient, feared but living within.
Actions forcing reactions like a sequence beyond imagination.
An equation, with no clear solution.
Either that or were there uncountable solutions?
However, impossible to fixate on and rather easy to cold-shoulder.
It must be tiring to connive.
Or could it be satisfaction that you desire.
Not realizing that its the percipience that you wangle with.
Stripping off the self-respect, looking down at a person, more human that you could ever possibly make of yourself.
Dire conscience played with, solemnity disregarded.
Apathy raced with contempt.
Lethargy following your heedlessness. 
Atrocious and barbarous being avowed to your ill repute.
God knows what to expect.
A Cold War, or A smelly sneeze.

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