Two Worlds

March 17, 2009
By Anonymous

Chillin with my friends.
Going out to the movies, having fun.
Worrying about what we're gonna eat cause we're kinda hungry.
Getting mad cause I have to wake up early in the morning to go to school.
Searching to see if any of my friends are still alive.
Moving from city to city looking for safety.
Worrying about when the next time we will eat is. We haven't eaten in three days.
Wishing we could go to school, get an education and escape this nightmare that is my reality.

Can't stand my classes, annoying teachers.
Wishing I had more money to buy the new kicks I want.
Trying to get this girls number so we can go out.
Wishing I had the new iphone instead of this new blackberry.

Can't stand to see anymore of my family murdered.
Wishing I could rescue my family and escape this genocide.
Trying to get some money to buy my youngest sister some milk.
Wishing war wasn't becoming my only memory of my life.

Two completely different worlds.
How easy it could be that, that could be my reality.
What's to determine that who grows up with no worries, and who has to live through genocide?

Appreciate what you have. Think before you complain.
You're biggest worries, are nothing compared to the everyday horrors of someone else.
Be thankful for the fact that your life is what it is,
Consider how differently it could be.

Educate yourself.
Don't go through life being ignorant.
It's ignorance that is the cause of problems like this.
Make a difference. Have your biggest worry be the welfare of someone else for a change.

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