March 26, 2017
By ScaredyCat BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
ScaredyCat BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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You invaded my brain
Tring to interrogate my thoughts
And rewire my perspective
You thought that I was an open book
But you’ve opened to a chapter that never ends
So, you’ll read further
And realize I’m crazy
And maybe even assume I’m psycho

I know the vines growing around my brain are abnormal
They squeeze tighter to remind me of their existence
And the home they’ve created nestled in my skull
They tell me I’m crazy
They tell me I’m psycho

I hear it loud and clear
The screams piercing my ear drums never cease
I pound the walls searching for an escape
“In your brain there’s no escape,” they snicker
I listen and so do others
They tell me I’m crazy
They tell me I’m psycho

I see them walk past me at night
I hear their stomps in the darkness
They smell my fear as they grow near
I feel my heart pounding in sync to their footsteps
I open my eyes and the figures no longer haunt me
You’ve told me that I’m crazy
You’ve told me I’m psycho
But I’m not the only one

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