The Creature From the Fire

March 23, 2017
By FaceMentos BRONZE, Denver , Colorado
FaceMentos BRONZE, Denver , Colorado
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You started out as
A white powder mass
That ignited with a single match

You grew into black ash
Like a huge(use something stronger) black rash
Raising into the air

The fire around you was
Glistening with orange and yellow
And when it was dying
It looked like lightening at your feet

You ended as a long creature
That when broken open
Had silvery and blue crystals inside
You are the creature from the fire

The author's comments:

I was inpired to write this because my dad and I were doing a science experiment with baking soda, sugar and lighter fluid. You set the baking soda and sugar mixture on fire and it creates like this long snake thing. When it was finished we broke it open it looked really pretty so I wrote about it. 

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