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March 20, 2017
By Roseyblue SILVER, Miami, Florida
Roseyblue SILVER, Miami, Florida
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It’s sad how nowadays this generation
has to suffer through this horrible education system.
Change has to come to our schools.
Nowadays intelligence shouldn’t
be measured by your understanding
of basic concepts.
It’s time to alter our ways,
to use these basics to guide our interests.
Why test our general knowledge?
Test our creativity! See how we can use this
knowledge to polish our generations’
creativity, let them embrace it!
Don’t let us submit to complacency!
Please, I beg of you.
What if a child understands math
Better when they a find “tempo”
where it just fits? Or someone
who memorized the entire periodic table
by creating little stories for each or
a poem for all? Maybe the smartest person alive is a gamer
who understands all the basic subjects extensively
because, they found a pattern in it or just
created one? Let’s start selling games
with hidden calculus and chemistry.
They will easily learn if it’s
In something they love….no?
No. You’re right! Let’s allow our
students suffer through depression and anxiety.
By telling our society they will never be good enough.
If they don’t sell their souls
and start digging holes
for every drop of happiness.
No. You’re never good enough.
But that student who doesn’t
study, passes the exam since
they found a loophole to convince
others that they know.
Seen “better” than you
‘cuz your number isn’t “high” enough.
That’s sad. It’s pathetic.
Too bad for each generation
that has to deal with this education.
Government too busy fixing everything else
when they reach the bottom of the list
it’s too late I’m pissed!
Too late since all these students
Lost their sleep, ambition, dreams, and goals.
All gone!
Why? Because no one thinks
of the student.
Didn’t you know we’re quite prudent.
Young scholar wants the
“American Dream” but keeps being told
“you can’t get it since you, yourself
are not enough to accomplish it.
Your heart and soul is not enough,
you need that hard cash. Government
and schools expect you to earn while
balancing everything in your life.”
So, when I read
“Life doesn’t always turn out how you dream” I thought it
was bullshit. And I’m throwing a fit.
Fight for what you want!
At the end of the day you are
the number that changes everything.
You are the percent that alters
all that we know. You are
needed in this world as much as
anyone else. Show everyone
you got through much hardship
to reach your
“American Dream”.

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