Truly me

March 20, 2017
I'm quiet. In school, I try not to talk to anyone I don't know very well. I shy away from workers and keep questions in. On the phone, my friends do all the talking. People who don't know me think I'm antisocial. I'm not. I'm just anxious, self-conscious and scared to mess up. I only open up once I know I won't be judged for who I am. Ask any of my friends. I'm loud funny and can really have a fun time. In a room of strangers, I won't say a word and I'll be right in the corner. In a room of people I know, I'll talk, laugh and be right in the crowd.

I'm honest. If I say something you can have my word. I don't cheat. Nothing comes out of it and the consequences are worse if u cheat than if you fail. I don't steal. When you steal you don't get the amazing feeling you get when you save up your money for something you really wanted. You get to say you bought it and worked for it. And mean it. That's just something to go by. I think it's important to have something to say to yourself to make you a better person. Like a motto.

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