March 16, 2009
This is my fault I have this situation at times I wonder in
My mind how can it be resolved it's so hard to be stuck in this situation
because I have to be careful before I end up loosing it all
Bit by bit its getting harder to stand I feel so guilty I can't even squeeze
The palm of my hand every time I try to breath confidence into myself
I end up feeling cold inside of myself because
My heart is paying lies to itself it's scared just like the outside of its shell
I wish I could drop the conclusions and tell you how I really feel
But its not time to tell I need help before I confess the real
Its like a sycyutres says you need to say what's on your mind before
You make a change you need to forget about all the bad things in order to come out clean you need to face your fears in order to live up to your dream you
Need to remember life is a blessing and without
God you wouldn't be here it's now or never you need to face
Your fears this situation is so bad I cover my eyes because I know ill be hurting
Someone so bad I wont be able to look
At myself because I know its wrong to keep the truth away form someone
you know for so long and to look at them knowing something is wrong its hard because you cover your ears every time they remind you of what you done wrong you feel
Guilty but even though what you done is wrong you want to tell them the truth because you don't want to loose a friend someone trustworthy till the end.

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