March 19, 2017
By , Osceola County , FL

You wanted  me to fit in like you, I  never wanted to.

Sports is your thing being surrounded by your teammates on the floor.
I love reading and worked better alone. 
I didn't fit in though i am different compare to  you. 

As you move on to brighter blues and greens. 
I move onto brighter pinks and purples. 
You're loud and always voicing your thoughts or opinions.
I stay quite not wanting to speak. 

Even your language is different words of 'OMG's" or "LOL's"
I prefer words like "Perplexity" and "Convulsed"
Appearance isn't any better while you have eyes of emerald, complementing  well with your long legs.
I am stuck with eyes the color of dark wool, and a short stature. 

One thing does make us the same. 
Our parents, family, house, and even our room. 
Because you are my sister.

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