March 16, 2017

Sometimes I see him in school where he’ll often give me a wink
My heart does race but then I rethink
Because this boy can’t seem to stay in his lane
Standing with his broad shoulders and long mane
He often ties it back in a small man-bun
Ignoring him is easier said than done
This boy has so much charisma and charm
But the problem is he always has a girl on his arm
He puts up this front for all to see
But through deep long calls I know who he’s really meant to be
He many see c***y, arrogant, and rude
But I promise you, he’s just been misconstrued
He talks so smoothly and walks with such might
And he’s told me he doesn’t believe in love at first sight
He flirts and laughs and enjoys a good tease
And always looks relaxed, so at ease
No one knows him, not the real man
I’ve tried to figure him out, as best as I truly can
He knows he’s made mistakes in the past
And everyone knows his relationships never last
Maybe you’ve met him and think you know him in whole
But I can safely tell you he’s got way more heart and soul
He’s really amazing and when you break down his wall
He’s a real big softie, oh and he plays a mean game of eight-ball.

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