Firefly Lane

March 9, 2017
By Melthunder BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
Melthunder BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
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We walk our dog down a dark street with no other souls on a summer’s night.
Fireflies play hide and seek as we walk by.
My siblings walk together as I walk with our parents.
They laugh at something that was said but never reached my ears.
I listen to my parents talk,
But I don’t remember what they say because I’m looking for fireflies by the light of the shining moon.
The fireflies whisper for me to find them as they hide on trees, in bushes, or in the lawns of lifeless houses.
I spot one and run towards a stranger’s yard,
It disappears with a flash sparking my curiosity.
I run back to my mom to tell her of my almost catch.
I notice our dog,
still a young pup stays close to my mother as we walk.
Thunder’s white hair shines like he’s made of moonlight.
We make it to the corner where fireflies become headlights.

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