My Companion

March 4, 2017
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My dog is someone I can always count on
Someone to play with when everyone is gone
My dog makes me happy when I've had a rough day
And has a tendency to run away
Without my dog I don’t know where I would be
Probably a drug addict that is not a sight to see
On my side through thick and thin
Someone who doesn't stop licking my chin
She is chocolate and loves to run
And can be found lying in the hot sun
She has had many puppies that is for sure
13 little labs and not one more
She molded me into the person I am
And is always trying to eat my ham
She barks at birds and wags her tail
And managed to rub down her tiny nails
She can get on my last very nerve
And is someone whom I must serve
I'll bring her endless bowls of water and dog food
Sometimes it can be kind of prude
but it's all worth it since she is my very best friend
Someone who I wish could live forever
Someone who could accompany me on every endeavor

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