Poem: Shack

March 16, 2009

And so tonight I leave the street-lights
'Till now they've been my guides
The whirling breeze of twilight bites
Where my the soul of warmth resides
No words can break the spell
(I thought that you alone could...)
Nothing left can save me now
(I thought that you alone could...)

I drive past the buildings, the streets
The people living in between
I leave the nightfall as it meets
The burning sunset and the green

I rumble slowly down the track
Below a boiling, flashing sky
I keep my eyes from looking back
It is hard, but I must try

Even further now from home
Clouds above continue to simmer
Emptiness in a sky of chrome
Above city lights growing dimmer

On my left a line of rubies-red
And a line of the diamonds on my right
High-beam blades, a shining spread
Are cutting deep into the night

One more bend until the shack
Below a shining light; the moon
Beneath the clouds the ground is black
With light returning to it soon

I stop the car and leave the keys,
Unlock the door and cut the lights
I step outside into the breeze
With the shack held squarely in my sights

The path is thin, barely worn,
An overgrown sea of thistles.
Through wind the twigs and branches torn
Fill the night with twisting missiles.

I find the shack inside is speaking
In some new language at a whisper
Answering the wind with gentle creaking
To the night growing colder, ever crisper

I fall into a kind of dose
Though my mind is wide awake
My thoughts collecting where they froze
And my heart flatter than a frozen lake

In the morning, there is silence
I see my breath, but cannot hear it
It is deceiving, what I see
If it be death, I will not fear it
No life can break the nothing
(Maybe you alone could...)
Nothing left can harm me now
(Maybe you alone could...)

The author's comments:
I'm Alex from Canberra; I wrote this while on a trip through through the Snowy Mountains. Passing a small abandoned shack I got to thinking about one day returning there and sleeping the night out there. Weeks later someone in my life disappeared and the urge became stronger. Not being able to go there, i chose instead to write about it as though I was. Hope you like it!

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on Mar. 29 2009 at 3:29 am
Alexander Ryan-Jones BRONZE, Canberra, Other
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Alex here, maybe I should have looked over it once more before submitting. :S


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