I never told you

March 3, 2017
By , Salisbury, NC

Blonde hair, hazel eyes
With little dimples on the side
Beauty marks that cover your face
You would never give anyone the time or place
Fourteen years strong
But all of the sudden you were gone
You say miles is just a distance
Though I cannot resist it
The wind blew and everything changed
Looking back, it’s all a shame
I mourn your presence,
Its and addiction and you are my substance
I cannot cope
even though you keep telling me to have hope
You are my go to
When I’m feeling a little blue
It’s not the same anymore
So what am I even trying for
You are a piece that was torn from me
Like a pinecone from a pine tree
Though you are younger, you’ve taught me all I know
That is why it’s so devastating to watch you go
You counted on me to show you the way
In reality I look through you to find words to say
I wake up every day knowing a part of me is missing
And all of our memories keep reminiscing
Like the time you showed me how to tie my shoe
Or when you were with me when I met my first boo
I know that I can always count on you

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