When Does Justice Appear

March 2, 2017
By Ty_Cinderella BRONZE, Belle Glade , Florida
Ty_Cinderella BRONZE, Belle Glade , Florida
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Prove me not that
He was not guilty
When we’re staring
At our future accumulated
On the pavement
Bereft of life

Prove me not that
There’s justification
To how an adolescent
Allures you

Prove me not that
Minorities are not
Scared for their life
When stopped by a
Ragging cop with a revolver

Prove me not that
Our black children lack education
Due to our “white superiors” making decisions

Prove me not that
Us as minorities
Do not deserve justice
We’re standing together
Demanding for justice

The author's comments:

This poem reflects on the society today and how there was no change since the civil rights movement. I was inspired to write this from all the negativity that i noticed have poisioned our world and our children. 

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