One More Step

March 15, 2009
i dont understand
whats stopping me?
theres only a foot of land
in front of me

with one step,
i fall down so far
ill feel no more
no more pain
no more tears
no more fears

but theres more
i havent seen yet
forget the war
yeah, were in debt

I cant go home
they hate me
so i was told
ill never be free

this is my only option
isnt that right?
it's getting dark
its almost night

just one step
could make me free
make me fall
so let it be

so what next?
one step forward,
or one step back?

they couldn't just daid
they loved me
and when im dead,
how sad will they be?

if i go home,
they wont care
that im alive
theyll be mad that
i dared to try

whats stopping me?
theres only one more step
in front of me
is what left
enough to be
a savior for me?

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HayWire This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jul. 15, 2009 at 3:09 am
wow. and.. i do know the feeling. im so sorry that you are forced to go through that. and i wish that more poeple will comment on that. So come on now, people. shes not the only one. im not the only one. say something, speak up. please. lets show her some love

lol. sorry. its just.. sometimes it needs to be said. i wish i could tell you it will get better. but i cant. i dont know when, but i guess, after awhile, it cant get any worse.

i guess..just keep praying. that h... (more »)
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