The Super Bowl

March 15, 2009
By Josh Loevy BRONZE, Wayne, Pennsylvania
Josh Loevy BRONZE, Wayne, Pennsylvania
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Today dawns of an ultimate day.
Being victorious rewards us with
more pay.
It's the Super Bowl of course!
There is no need to remorse.
As I prepare myself for the game,
I focus on the fame.
I had to discard those thoughts out of my head,
or my team will be dead.
I stepped onto the fresh field
glancing over at the opponents, I knew our fate was sealed.
The championship began with Lightning Legs returning the kick.
I trotted slowly onto the field and suddenly I felt sick.
The feeling evaporated immediately as I heard the crowd of fans chanting my name.
I was able to keep my stomach under tame.
The first play of the game was a touchdown pass from Billy Bullet to Helping Hands.
As the stadium screamed with joy from our fans.
The game continued as a gruesome battle like the Civil War.
Everyone in the fourth quarter was very sore.
The crowning achievement was all tied up with ten seconds left on the clock.
As I looked up at the time, the score and time came to me with great shock.
The last play of the game was now.
We ended the Super Bowl with a great pow!
It was a touchdown pass to me,
Scoring there was our winning key.
Everyone ran onto the pitch as rapid as someone riding a bike.
Now I know what a victory of a Super Bowl tastes like.
The entire sweat and food aroma mixed together smelt terrible,
but having the feeling of winning the Super Bowl is what made it bearable.
I was caught in a trance of winning the Super Bowl, I couldn't imagine anyone sadden.
Too bad it's only Madden.

The author's comments:
This is my favorite poem I have written yet. It incorportates two activities that I love. Football and Madden football. I hope the reader enjoys the ironic twist at the end of this poem.

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