Her Life

February 7, 2017

Imagine being 4
And knowing how to
Take care of yourself
How to make drinks no 4 year old should
Know how to make.
Waking up to put on a mask
To hide the bruises that once again cover you.
Knowing you are not wanted
Because the person who is supposed to protect you
Tells you every day
If he doesn't tell you
his fist does.
If he doesn't make you feel filthy
His friends sure will.
Imagine being 5
Staring at the ceiling
Wondering why am i alive
When they just hate me.
Can you imagine
Staring depression and anxiety
In the face every day
For all of your life.
Waking up and wondering
If today
The light will be bright
Or if there even will be a light at all.
Imagine traveling 281.4 miles
Every weekend
To a place you don't want to be.
To a place where you have screamed
“NO! Stop!” too many times
Because they don't care
About you.
They only care about themselves,
What they want
And the person that
Should be the protector,
Just lets them.
Imagine being 6
And knowing every hiding place
In the house
Not for a game
But out of fear.
Imagine going to school
With the mask on
And still not being good enough
When your 10.
Then years later
Thinking it's all in the past
Thinking every memory you had
Is in the deep dark part
Of your brain
Never to surface again.
Until one day
You open the door
And theirs that face again
That fist again.
After that follows
Their faces again.
Even though their gone
There is still fear
And the slipping of grades;
The failing of classes.

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