February 15, 2017
By D4V1DC3P3D4 BRONZE, Allentown, Pennsylvania
D4V1DC3P3D4 BRONZE, Allentown, Pennsylvania
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Perfection has everything perfect in her life perfect shiny pearl teeth,perfect friends that are caring, hilarious, and smart, and perfect dark brown hair with light brown highlights. In school she is a pefrect student. She has straight A's, has never got in a fight, and perfect attendance. At home she has a beautiful green house with a huge  front yards, a garden filled with all different types of flowers like roses, daisies, and violets, a huge pool always cleaned. Inside it she has no messes in any room, medium sized kitchen with a granite top, black-wooden cabinets, a stove with electronic tops , and with a black refrigerator. She has a perfect German Shepherd Husky mix. She has a perfect job as a Anesthesiologist with a high paying salary of $246,320. Everybody she knows wonders how is she is so perfect but at the end of the day she isnt perfect because the world she lives isn't.

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