The End

February 12, 2017

Letters and words are tumbling down
Skipping the steps, losing their sounds
I, a stranger, am lost at sea
Letters and words cannot save me

No one offers an abode
Never was a kind thing showed
I must face this all alone
My tired voice cannot atone

So: When? Where? Did this all go wrong?
It was one day, I lost it all.
Perhaps it was when I met you
You know brash men don’t stay true

It was a shameful thing to do
The things I did and didn’t do
But you could see it all along

But I knew better, I was wrong

Listen dearest! Listen love!
Look at me, my dearest dove
I miss us, your tender embrace
I miss you, your brilliant face

Soft mouth became a crystal vice
My sharp tongue came at a steep price
Your liquid eyes became so black
I felt them when I turned my back

Forgive my heart, forgive my soul
I can’t give back what I stole
Letters and words are long forgot
But never forget the pain they brought

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