Our first kiss

March 20, 2009
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Our first kiss.
It felt like magic.
At that moment.
Everything was perfect,Everything was ok.
Your lips against mine
So soft,so sweet
At that very moment
I knew I loved you with all my heart.
I know I have so much to give you.
Our kiss was like the kiss that movies always have at the end.
The magical and special kiss.
That makes it a happy ending.
That day replays in my head.
Over and over again
Its like a song stuck in my head
Sometimes I just wish you would come up to me and kiss me with no worry in the world.
At first I was scared to kiss you
But then we kissed
And I just wanted to kiss you over and over again.
Now it seems like I just keep wanting more.
Your lips agaisnt mine
Make a magical spark.
You know how people say"When you kiss someone"And you feel that spark"That your meant to be?"
Well,I felt that spark
I can still feel that kiss on my lips.
Everytime I think about us kissing
I get butterflies
They give me such a good feeling
Can I just kiss you again?
Will you always wanna kiss me?
Can I waste my friday nights with you watching movies and holding hands?
Anything to be with you
Anything to be close to you
That kiss was so special
I remember it forever
For internity
That kiss was amazing.

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