Ode to Color

February 10, 2017

From the night before,
You fill me with the color BLACK.
In the morning,
Fades in cousin, light
The moment my legs places it’s feet on the cold floor,
You’ve done your job,
Color the world.
Neon, Pastel, Dark, or Bright
From his unbrushed Yellow teeth
To her moistened red lips
Or my orange hair, was if, silk
To my inside blue Veins.
You’ve colored the sky Grey today,
For the tears of friends, air.
You’ve come as a solid, liquid, or air.
Whether to breath, to write, or to drink.
In the white sheets that were once green leaves.
From beginning to end,
When my blue veins dry, to a Dark grey
Till my Tan skin, dries to a vast purple
When my eyes shut, still you follow me
With the color

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