This Little White Devil

March 20, 2009
By Natasha Townsel BRONZE, N. Charleston, South Carolina
Natasha Townsel BRONZE, N. Charleston, South Carolina
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This little white devil, it is not a joke,
it will take your money, it will leave you broke.
This little white devil make the problem so real,
it will make you lie, cheat, and even steal.
For this little white devil, you will do many things,
sell your tv, appliances, and even your rings.
For just a little while, you will be pleased,
but when it is gone, you will fall to your knees.
This devil will tell you that your plan is gold,
it will take your life and even your soul.
Before you befriend this devil in white,
think about your family, children, or your wife.
This little white devil is not what it seems,
you'll forget your hopes and all of your dreams.
Give your life back to the Lord,
so you can reap your many rewards.
Reach out to your loved ones you hold so dear,
for you never know when your time is near.
To correct our mistakes, we can never turn back,
but we can walk away from the devil called


The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this piece was looking at all the people that lost everything just for a moment of pleasure. I hope what readers will get out of it is that there are more things in life that can help you through tough problems. All you have to do is pray and walk away from the "Little White Devil".

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