March 20, 2009
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Did he love me?
Does he love her?
Was he using me?
Is he using her?
Why did she get in the way?
Ruin my life?
Take him away?
Was it an accident?
Did she unknowingly walk into his trap?
Did I?
Should I hate her for it?
Or feel sorry for her?
One day'
Their relationship will end.
Like ours did.
Should I be mad?
Or glad?
I now know who he is.
I didn't waste too much time.
My heart will mend.
I can move on.
I can get on with my life.
The only person holding me back'
Is me.
I can get through this.
I can go on with my life.
I can rely on myself now.
And live the way I want to.
I don't need someone else to make me happy.
Even though one day'
I'll find somebody new.
Someone who respects me.
And loves me for who I am.
Right now I'll be who I want to be.
I'll follow my dreams.
I'll live confident in myself.
Maybe he did help me out.
A little'

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