love a question

February 8, 2017

So tell me what love is?
Because it wasn't you kissing me in the rain or rubbing my back till I fell asleep
It wasn't the flowers you gave me that still sit in my closet
It's not the pictures of memories in a box in my drawer
It wasn't the way you looked at me while you thought I wasn't
Love wasn't the months of lies you gave me
Maybe it was the way when I said "baby I'm so cold" you held me closer.
No that couldn't have been it.
It's not when you brought me coffee to school when I said I was tired
It's not the red dress I wore on the night we danced and laughed where I spent every minute of that day trying to be the most beautiful thing you've seen
Maybe it was how you would drive me at 5am to work a block away so I wouldn't be cold
Or how when I didn't have lunch money, you gave me yours
Maybe it was that one time you put my bowling shoes on me and said "my princess"
Or how about that time where we lost your car after a concert and you assured me it was gonna be okay because I was crying
Maybe it was that night you drove me home late at night and I fell asleep and you avoided the holes in the road
Was love that time I told you the first time and you almost cried?
Maybe it was that day we both cried at the movie theater because of the chick flick I picked
Maybe it was that time that you called me when I fell asleep and left a voicemail mail to tell me goodnight
Or that time we went hiking and you made sure I wouldn't fall
Maybe it was the laughter after you licked mash potatoes off my face because I missed my mouth
Or how about that time in the summer we went swimming in the rain
Maybe it was the time I made you go shopping with my mom because I wanted to spend time with you
It could have been that night when you asked me to be yours
But it wasn't.
None of that was love.
So my darling please tell me what that all was.

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