The Masterpiece

February 7, 2017
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Her hair painted short and brown like paint brush bristles,

N.K.C are her birth given initials.

Her eyes hold black tattoo ink,

Lips just the same, but red, faded pink.

There are times I have to make her eat,

so she stays herself and doesn't become effete.

Use a brush to paint her personality,

don't forget to add the originality.

She becomes a part of her works of art,

to take that from her, would break her heart.

This brilliant woman has taught me for six years,

letting me experiment and work in different atmospheres.

Getting ready for class, before she teaches,

her favorite song blares from the speakers, gotta love peaches!

The desk that she sits at is rarely kept neat,

she likes to say that being messy makes her complete.

Her birthday in August, the day before mine,

she's got a big heart, sweeter than aged wine.

She has seen me when I couldn't help but cry,

Always saying, "Keep your head up, beautiful butterfly!"

We help each other through thick and thin,

for Christmas I got her dream puppy, she named him Finn.

I could go on for hours, she's my favorite teacher,

She's beyond real, more like a beautiful mythical creature.

Painted to express ourselves, our technique she helps increase,

this strong, beautiful, confident, loving Masterpiece! xoxo

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